Trump Supporters’ Trust In Fox News Plummets

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According to a new poll, Trump supporters’ trust in Fox News has tanked.

From Newsweek:

Viewer trust in Fox News has plummeted among supporters of former President Donald Trump since he lost the 2020 election to President Joe Biden, according to a new poll.

In the latest USA Today/Suffolk Poll, released Sunday, just 34 percent of Trump voters listed the Fox News as their “most trusted source of news”—a 24 percent drop from the 58 percent that favored the network in October 2016.

Two news outlets have increased in prominence among conservatives in recent months. Newsmax is now seen as the most trusted source of news among 17 percent of Trump supporters and One American News Network (OAN) among 9 percent.

Few things on this poll.

The first is the question they ask. They ask what is the “most trusted” media outlet. What that means is that this poll doesn’t mean all of these people have stopped watching Fox. It just means they trust something else more.

The second is Fox did this to themselves. All they had to do is accurately cover the aftermath of the 2020 election and they failed.

I don’t think a complete boycott of Fox is needed. They still have some good programming. Tucker is great. Hannity is great. The Five is great. There are other great shows as well. I’m going to continue to support those hosts that stand up for America. I will not be watching Chris Wallace!

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