Thousands Of Trump Supporters Gather In D.C…Chant “Stop The Steal”

Supporters of President Trump have flocked to D.C to show their support for President Trump and to call for free and fair elections.

President Trump’s motorcade drove by:

In a call with The Washington Examiner, President Trump outlined why he thinks he can still win re-election. President Trump laid out the case state by state as to why he thinks he is going to win.

I encourage everyone to read the full article from the Examiner. (Click Here)

However, the part of the interview I thought was the biggest was how it ended.

The Washington Examiner: 

Whatever the case, Trump is forging ahead. When I asked him how quickly he might turn things around, he said, “I don’t know. It’s probably two weeks, three weeks.” He knows the situation. He has heard many people tell him it’s over and time to concede. But at the very least it is important for his most devoted supporters to see him fighting to stay in office. And he closed with a good-natured warning for everyone who has told him there is no hope: “Never bet against me.”

President Trump is not going to go down without a fight. He is going to see this through to the end. He isn’t going to listen to the establishment that is telling him to give in.

We know the legal case is strong. We know that there was clearly fraud in this election. We have a good chance to win this election.

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