President Trump hit back at critics across the media spectrum Thursday, stating that he has long stated an intent to pull US troops out of Syria, and that it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he has fulfilled another campaign promise.

Trump took to Twitter after the media uniformly panned his decision to return US troops from the middle east quagmire, with even the usually Trump friendly Fox & Friends slamming Trump’s decision calling it “stunning and irresponsible.”

The President went on to state that no longer will the US act as the ‘Policeman of the Middle East’, but he will ensure the country has “by far the most powerful military in the world.”

Trump’s vow that it is “time to come home & rebuild” signals that the trillions previously poured into wars in the Middle East will be reallocated toward securing the US border.

Trump also tweeted out statements of support from Senators Rand Paul and Mike Lee:

Other Senators are not so happy though, with several putting their names to a letter that states “The withdrawal of American presence from Syria also bolsters two other adversaries to the United States, Iran and Russia.”

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