President Trump signed a $4.59 Billion border bill that does little to fix the overrunning of our border.


Speaker Nancy Pelosi was able to wrangle concessions out of the White House that can be implemented administratively, such as a 90-day limit for migrant children to stay in unlicensed influx shelters and notification to lawmakers within 24 hours if a child dies in custody.

The package includes $2.88 billion for the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Refugee Resettlement, which takes custody of migrant children from CBP or ICE before releasing them to the care of family members or other sponsors.

Another $1.34 billion is provided for DHS, including $905 million for CBP to set up temporary facilities for migrants at border stations and ports of entry and provide basic necessities like food, clothing and medical treatment.

Another $209 million is for ICE accounts, including $70 million for staffing costs such as overtime pay; $93 million for detainee transportation and medical care; $21 million to counter human trafficking operations; and $20 million for alternatives to detention, such as electronic monitoring and parole followed by check-ins.

There is also $155 million to reimburse the U.S. Marshals Service for housing and transportation of federal detainees; $145 million for the Pentagon to provide logistical support for border operations; and $30 million for Federal Emergency Management Agency reimbursements to local jurisdictions and nonprofits for the care of homeless migrants.

This bill was bipartisan:

House: 305-102

Senate: 84-8

95 Democrats opposed it and 7 Republicans opposed.

I want to point out that I am not against this Bill. President Trump had no choice but to sign a Bill that had bipartisan support. The left has weaponized the conditions of the Border to force a humanitarian bill to be signed. However, without border security, the conditions at the border will not be fixed.

It is sad that Democrats refuse to help fix our border and instead are choosing to weaponize the suffering of migrants.

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