Trump Releases Statement On Cuba–Calls For Biden To Stand Up To Communist Cuban Regime

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Trump just released a statement on what is going on in Cuba.

In the statement, Trump exposed that radical left’s lovefest with Cuba and called on the Biden admin to stand up to the communist regime.


Don’t let them forget how easy the left is on communists!

Via 100percentfedup:

Of course, our dishonest Democrat Party media will accept Biden’s statement on its face and completely ignore the fact that his former boss and first lady made a splashy visit in March 2016 to Cuba with their girls in tow to show how “safe” and normal life is in Communist Cuba as he attempted to normalize relations with the communist country.

After Obama’s goodwill visit to Cuba, he agreed with the Cuban dictator of his criticism of America for our so-called human rights violations:

Barack Obama visited Cuba in March 2016. On April 13, 2016, we reported that the Cuban Human Rights and National Reconciliation Commission, or CCDHRN, revealed that Cuba’s government detained 610 people for political reasons in the month of March, while the Obama family visited. It was the highest number of political prisoners in the past seven months.

Biden Claims He “Stands with” Cuban Protesters…Doesn’t Mention His Former Boss and First Lady’s Attempt To Normalize Communist Cuba In 2016

The Palmieri Report exposed earlier that Biden may have not even written his own statement on Cuba:


Freudian Slip? Psaki Says We Put Out Statement “In The President’s Name”

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