Trump must rid himself of Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan is the biggest threat to Donald Trump currently inside The White House. He is a snake in the grass waiting for Trump to mess up so he can jump on the opportunity and begin to destroy Trump.

Throughout the election, Paul Ryan was someone whose one goal was to make sure Trump didn’t win. When the Hollywood tapes were released Ryan was the first to call for him to drop out of the race.

The tape released by Breitbart on March 13th illustrates this beautifully.(I also wrote on this)

He is seen trying to turn Republicans against Trump. Coup style behavior.

Fast forward to Trump’s first congressional address and Paul Ryan is seen like Trumps best friend. Smiling and clapping as he sits behind The President. This is Paul Ryans attempt to build the trust of President Trump. Saying “See Trump I like you”.

Trump gave Ryan his chance. He read through Ryan’s health care plan and said well it isn’t what I want but it is a good first step. This will certainly be changed as it goes through the phases of our government but at least we will avoid the collapse of Obamacare. Ryan failed to get the votes. Ryan failed so miserably that they canceled the vote on it.

This failure has led to a few cryptic tweets from President Trump.

The first being on healthcare:

Now, this is the plan Trump wants. He attempted to avoid the collapse of Obamacare by supporting Ryancare. He got no help from the Democrats and obviously, the Republicans said no because it was too much like Obamacare. He now can build a great healthcare plan from the ground up.

The second tweet was one I found very suspicious:

At the time the tweet was sent out it seemed innocent enough. He has told his supporters to go watch other things but this time there was an underlying message.

Judge Jeanine called for Paul Ryan to step down as speaker of the house.

In an excerpt from her show she says this:

“I never put my faith in you, [Speaker] Ryan. I questioned you all through the campaign when you distanced yourself from candidate Trump whenever you felt the prevailing winds blowing against Trump. To me, your loyalty was always in question.

Yet what was never in question, to me, was your intelligence, your savvy, and your comprehension of the system.

So why? Why would you let this happen? What was your agenda?

The reason, Speaker Ryan, that you, and all your Washington colleagues, are held in such low esteem is because you have forgotten about us.

In spite of the fact that you RINOS were all working against him though, the president joined with you and relied on you. Trusting you. Believing you had his back. You didnt.

The American people won’t forget this and neither should the president.”

This summarizes what all of us believed for quite sometime. Ryan is scared of Trump because he knew Trump is a threat to the corruption Ryan is openly apart of. He is a phony that doesn’t care about anything besides keeping himself in power. Ryan knew his plan stunk but it was a chance for him to cut Trumps supporters out from under him. It was Ryans attempt to give the left ammunition to throw at President Trump.

Luckily, Trump outsmarted both. He allowed for Ryan to take the hardest blow and has set up Obamacare to show its ugly head and destroy itself.

With Ryan reeling Trump has set himself up for a chance to put a new speaker of the house in. Not someone who will be Trumps puppet but someone who will have his back when he needs it. Someone who has the American peoples best interest in mind.

President Trump, you have set yourself up beautifully to oust Paul Ryan and bring good conservative values to the speaker of the house position. Don’t mess this chance up.

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