Trump Mocks The Sham Jan 6th Hearing Over Poor Ratings – “I Guess The American People Don’t Want To See One Sided Witch Hunts”

President Donald Trump mocked the Sham Jan 6th panel over the poor ratings their first primetime hearing got.

Trump said, “I guess the American People don’t want to see one-sided Witch Hunts” in a Truth Social post.

From TruthSocial:

Really BAD T.V. Ratings for the Unselect Committee. Only 19,000,000 for at least 12 Networks, far lower than anticipated. I guess the American People don’t want to see one sided Witch Hunts. Besides, they know what happened with the Election!

The low ratings were a massive loss for the Jan 6th panel. They used the entire liberal media establishment to prop up the hearing because they want to use it to stop Trump from running in 2024. It is clear from the ratings no one trusts the committee and therefore are going to fail.


Nearly 20 million people tuned into the sham Jan 6th panel’s first primetime hearing.

This is far less than Biden’s State of the Union but more than Trump’s impeachment trial. (To be fair the impeachment trial was not during primetime hours)

Even with this CNN still couldn’t beat Fox News in the ratings.

From The Hill:

Nearly 20 million people watched Thursday night’s first hearing of the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol across broadcast and cable news, according to preliminary ratings figures from Nielsen.

ABC took the largest haul of viewers, earning 4.8 million of them, while NBC and CBS carried 3.5 million and 3.3 million, respectively.

On cable, MSNBC pulled in a whopping 4.1 million viewers during the hearings, nearly four times what the network averages on a typical weeknight.

Usually dominant Fox News Channel came in second place on cable on Thursday night, averaging 3 million viewers from 8 to 10 p.m. CNN came in third place with 2.6 million.

Liberals and Conservatives were going to tune in to see what was said. The question now is how many will tune in next time and if Americans believed what was being shown.

An article from the federalist pointed out this was not some huge boon for ratings:

From The Federalist:

According to preliminary ratings figures from Nielsen published by The New York Times, more than 19 million tuned in for what was anticipated to be a blockbuster event. While 19 million may seem high at first glance, a look at what cable and broadcast networks typically pull for an average evening reveals Thursday’s viewership as little to brag about, especially when all but one, Fox News, aired the livestream.

ABC News, a former president of which produced Thursday’s show trial, drew 4.8 million viewers. NBC and CBS each pulled just more than three million. The legacy networks, then, pulled about 11 million viewers combined Thursday night. According to AdWeek’s latest analysis of weekly television news ratings for the week of May 30, the broadcast networks’ evening programs collectively averaged nearly 18 million viewers, 7 million more than tuned into Thursday night’s Democrat programming.


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