Steve Bannon: Goal Of Jan 6th Hearings Are To Pressure DOJ To Indict Trump

The sham Jan 6th panel has been exposed as a fraud. Non-one takes them seriously. Why? Because they have been exposed as a partisan committee that isn’t seeking the truth. They are doctoring evidence, editing testimony, and only looking into what they want to. This isn’t a true look at what happened on January 6th – this is an attempt to get Trump.

Steve Bannon said on GETTR that the point of the January 6th panel is to put “pressure on Merrick Garland to indict President Trump.”

Steve Bannon posted on GETTR:

January 6 th Hearings all about 1 goal —putting political pressure on Merrick Garland to indict President Trump so he cannot run AND win in’24..


Steve Bannon knows what he is talking about. If he says this you can be sure it is trustworthy and true.

This means we must stay focused on this panel’s hearings. Even if the American people don’t care that won’t stop the Biden administration from going after Trump. Debunking the false claims they make is going to be key.

From The War Room – We Dare You, Merrick Garland, To Move On Trump

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UPDATE- Even NYT is now admitting it:

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