Donald Trump took to Twitter exposing Nancy Pelosi for the major lie she told the American people. 

Allie Beth Stuckey pointed out the lie from Pelosi:



One thought on “Trump just exposed a major lie Pelosi told the American people”

  1. Sorry – securing the border is not the same as building a wall. For a start and estimated six people (from a reduced total crossing the Southern border were people “of interest” for their potential to have something to do with terrorism. Several thousand such people were detained in the same period of time at the major borders i.e. the airports which is the preferred point of entry – all without 20 foot walls.

    How come? Well first if you are a potential terrorist you a quickly identified by something called technology. Facial recognition technology, shared intelligence (with nations not yet offended by Mr Trump’s version of statesmanship), CIA information (from those still in the game despite the constant abuse from the White House) and that is just for starters.

    Of course they could put up a wall at LAX or any of these other favoured airport border crossing points – but a prediction. That would be the finish of tourism!!

    Since most of those crossing the Southern Border turn out to be generally law abiding – and many of them are family units, putting up a Berlin style wall in the South sends an unfortunate message to the rest of the world. The smugglers are best identified by technology – eg X -raying trucks not by sticking out your tongue at a mile long queue of trucks stuck on the side of a big low tech barrier.

    Spend money on improved technology, by all means. At least that way you can improve the odds of stopping those who need stopping. Waste an incredible amount on a wall when Mr Trump has already engineered a two trillion dollar increase in the US debt (Google the US Debt Clock ) But good luck with showing the current President how to use Google!!) instead of encouraging him to do away with the debt which he said was goint to start as soon as he was elected.

    Wall building does not appeal as a wonderful idea.

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