Trump In “Regular Contact” With Lawyer At The Helm Of Election Integrity Push

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According to a new report, former President Donald Trump is in “regular contact” with Cleta Mitchell a lawyer at the helm of the effort to make U.S. elections more secure.

From The Hill:

Cleta Mitchell, who has worked for years on Republicans and on conservative causes, is working with several Republican groups and organizations aiming to craft more restrictive laws.

Mitchell is in regular contact with Trump, she told the Associated Press.

“People are actually interested in getting involved and we have to harness all this energy,” Mitchell said. “There are a lot of groups that have projects on election integrity that never did before.”

This is even more evidence that Trump is involved in fixing these election fraud issues across the country.

To this point, the GOP is doing a fairly good job at securing our elections:

Efforts In Key States Underway To Return Voting Rules To Pre-2020 Rules

Ohio County Votes Down The Purchase Of Dominion Voting Machines

Michigan Republicans Introduce Bills To Secure State’s Election

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp Signs Election Integrity Bill

This was the top issue for CPAC Attendees:

Election Integrity Most Important Issue For CPAC Attendees

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