TRUMP FIRES BACK:”No collusion, no obstruction, he’s the leaker”

    A defiant Donald Trump fired back at James Comey earlier today. Reporters gathered for the first time in three weeks to ask President Trump questions. He didn’t disappoint.

    He called Comey out for lying under oath and was perplexed at the idea he would’ve asked for loyalty from Comey. Claiming “I barely knew him”. President Trump also said he was willing to testify under oath.

    The highlight from Trump was a beautiful one liner. “No collusion, no obstruction, he’s the leaker”.

    No collusion:

    Yes, Comey’s testimony almost eradicated entirely the idea that Trump somehow colluded with Russia. Not only was Trump himself not under investigation but Comey admitted that Trump was open to the investigation taking place.

    The President went on to say that if there were some “satellite” associates of his who did something wrong, it would be good to find that out, but that he hadn’t done anything wrong and hoped I would find a way to get it out that we weren’t investigating him.

    Trump didn’t collude get over it.

    No Obstruction:

    Now, even if everything Comey said was 100 percent true he couldn’t actually be tried for obstruction of justice. Here is why?

    1. Comey warned no-one:

    Had Comey resigned or made this information aware to the right people then Obstruction of Justice may have a case. Instead, Comey sat on the information and created memos of each conversation.

    2. Trump didn’t threaten Comey:

    Donald Trump said “I hope you can let this go” in regards to the Flynn investigation. He didn’t say “Let this go or I’ll fire you”. He didn’t threaten Comey in any way which is almost a necessity if they want to claim he obstructed justice.

    He’s the leaker 

    Comey told us all during his testimony yesterday that he leaked his memos to the press through a friend. Some legal experts say that Comey might just be in trouble for leaking his memos to the press. Those memos were classified information. Comey wrote them but that didn’t mean he owned what they contained. Although legally a case can be made either way the same can’t be said for it from an ethical front. James Comey got fired by Donald Trump. He should have respected that and gone through the proper channels to get this information out. Instead, he selectively leaked information to damage the President. This selective leaking led to the mass hysteria surrounding Comey’s testimony.

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