TRUMP EFFECT: North Korea willing to hold denuclearization talks with U.S., normalize relations with Washington D.C.

North Korea has stated it is willing to hold denuclearization talks with the United States.


North Korea says it’s willing to hold denuclearization talks with the U.S., and normalize relations with Washington D.C.

Additionally, Dictator Kim Jong Un told South Korean leaders on Tuesday that he’s willing to stop all nuclear and ballistic missile tests during the talks.

The regime hasn’t tested a missile since November of last year, which likely stemmed from the north and south’s collaboration at the recent Winter Olypmics in Pyeongchang.

The discussed agreement also includes a direct hotline being set up between the two nations.

South Korean officials say Kim showed the will to denuclearize as long as the safety of his regime is guaranteed.

This comes after the dictator met with special envoys from the south on Monday.

South Korea’s military will still focus on ramping up its joint defenses with United States, according to President Moon Jae-in.

I wonder how the Democrats will try and spin this one. Donald Trump has stood up to North Korea and it seems to be paying off.

Trump responded to the reports with a Tweet.

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