Trump dumps DACA: ‘NO MORE DACA DEAL’, ‘Dems blew it’

In an Easter Morning tweet storm Donald Trump dumped DACA and later blamed the Democrats for it.

He then later blamed the Democrats.

Trump is one hundred percent right with this.  On many occasions, Trump has offered to give amnesty for more than just the DACA kids in return for his Wall, Democrats turned it down. Trump also offered a deal that would give DACA ‘kids’ work permits until 2020. Democrats turned it down.The Mainstream Media also was forced to admit that an amnesty for DACA ‘kids’ might end up giving amnesty to nearly 3.6M dreamers.What the Mainstream Media has failed to admit is that these DACA kids aren’t all angels. Judicial Watch uncovered that the Obama Administration stopped doing background checks on DACA kids so that they could meet quotas.We also saw a DACA recipient threaten to shoot up a school and in Arizona, a study showed that DACA age aliens were far more likely to commit crimes.






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