Trump Defense Team To Show Democrats’ Calls For Violence At Impeachment Trial

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According to one of Trump’s impeachment lawyers, Trump’s defense team is planning on showing Democrats long history of calling for violence at Trump’s impeachment trial.

From The Washington Times: 

Former President Donald Trump‘s defense at his Senate impeachment trial next week will include videos of Democrats encouraging violence, one of his lawyers said Friday.

The clips would counter videos that Democrats likely will show of the riot at Capitol and Mr. Trump‘s fiery speech at a rally shortly before the attack on Jan. 6, which Mr. Trump stands accused of inciting.

Trump lawyer Bruce Castor told Fox News’ Laura Ingraham “you can count on that” when asked about using video montage of Democratic members of Congress calling for violence against Trump administration officials and law enforcement.

“I’ve been looking at a lot of video over the past couple of days,” Mr. Castor said. “You better be careful what you wish for.”

Here is a short clip of some of their calls to violence:

This is brilliant. Showcasing the violent rhetoric the left has used and continues to use is exactly what needs to happen. The left actively called for violence all Summer and condemned those who called it out. Remember Trump called for everything to be peaceful. Most Democrats actively promoted violence as a force for change. They used it to get Trump out of office.

This will only be one part of the strategy of Trump’s legal team though. The main part of their argument will focus on the fact that this impeachment trial is blatantly unconstitutional.

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