Biden Aims To Admit 125K Refugees Into US…Most In Three Decades

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Of course.

Joe Biden is set to increase the number of refugees America will accept to 125,000.

This is the most in three decades.

From CNS News:

President Joe Biden signaled on Thursday that the United States will in the next fiscal year aim to admit the largest number of refugees in almost three decades.

The refugee admission ceiling for fiscal year 2022, which begins on October 1 this year, will be 125,000, Biden said at the State Department.

That number is 15,000 more than the highest cap set during the Obama-Biden administration (Its proposal of 110,000, for FY 2017, would have been the highest since FY 1995. It did not survive, however, as President Trump, days after his inauguration, signed an executive order lowering it to 50,000 admissions.)

The 125,000 ceiling announced Thursday is the highest set since FY 1993, although actual admissions that year were somewhat below the ceiling, reaching only 119,448. If the FY 2022 admissions reach Biden’s ceiling they will constitute the largest number of refugees to be resettled in the U.S. in one year since 1992, when 132,531 arrived.

The highest ceiling announced by an administration since the modern-day refugee admission program was established was 231,700, set by the Carter administration for FY 1980. Actual admissions in that record year were 207,116, the vast majority from southeast Asia and the then-Soviet Union.

On top of this, he has undone Trump’s Travel Ban which called for stricter vetting of those entering the United States.

We are all for helping people who are struggling but policies like this have the complete opposite effect.

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