Trump claims ‘Night and Day’ change at Border since Mexico deal

During an interview with Fox News, President Trump said that there is a night and day difference at the border since he made a deal with Mexico.


President Donald Trump claimed migration through the U.S. southern border has already slowed dramatically following a deal with the Mexican government, and that former Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Tom Homan would return to his administration as “border czar.”

“The stoppage is unbelievable,” Trump said in a phone interview with Fox News on Friday. “I got reports yesterday. It’s like night and day.”

He said he had planned to announce Homan’s re-appointment next week. Homan will report directly to the president, Trump said.

U.S. immigration authorities have not publicly released any information about changes in migrant flows across the border since the Mexico deal, which came after Trump threatened to impose tariffs on Mexican imports. As part of the agreement, Mexico agreed to deploy about 6,000 of its national guard to interdict migrants traveling north and reinforce its own border with Guatemala.

“It’s really incredible what’s happened and all because of the tariffs, and because of relationships, but again for 25 years they’ve been trying to make a deal with Mexico, they’ve never been able to do a deal like I did, and I did it in two days,” Trump said.

We are going to have to wait until the immigration numbers to see just how much of an effect Mexico has had on the border since the deal was made. The Border is currently in a state of crisis and since the Democrats refuse to help President Trump he is now looking to Mexico to fix there side of the border.

Here is the deal between the US and Mexico:


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