Trump campaign manager: Google a direct threat to democracy & online freedom

Google logos are seen in this photo illustration together with images of Donald Trump on September 5, 2018. (Photo by Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images)


Google poses a dire threat to democracy and online freedom, according to President Trump’s 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale.

In a USA Today op-ed, Parscale laid out point-by-point how Google and other tech giants operate as the “gatekeepers” of online information and as political instruments of the left.

“As the internet has become an increasingly central part of modern life, Big Tech giants such as Facebook, Twitter and Google have increasingly sought to become the gatekeepers of the internet and political discourse,” Parscale wrote Monday.

“Without any sort of democratic mandate, these companies have appointed themselves the arbiters of acceptable thought, discussion and searches online.”

“These companies’ pervasive command of the internet — and blatant desire to control how we interact with it — is a direct threat to a free society. And arguably the worst offender is Google,” he added.

He then described just how extensive and all-encompassing Google’s control is over the internet, accounting for over 90% of all online searches.

“Google’s broad and pervasive role in the lives of almost every American today cannot be overstated. More than 90 percent of all online searches are conducted through Google or YouTube. The media giant’s video-sharing site has 1 billion active users a month, many of whom go there to learn and share conservative ideas only to find their quest for knowledge subverted by faceless ideologues,” he explained.

Parscale went on to extensively list how Google blacklists, manipulates, and outright removes content it alone deems undesirable, which is usually right-leaning.

“Google’s eager adoption of the role of censor should come as little surprise. Eric Schmidt, the executive chairman of Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc., has a demonstrated track record of combining the role of Democrat activist with his job,” he wrote.

Additionally, Google colluded with the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign, and cozied up with the Obama White House in regular weekly meetings, demonstrating the platform’s political bias.

“Google is clearly manipulating and controlling the political narrative in favor of Democrats and the left, and silencing conservatives and Republicans,” Parscale wrote.

“A company with such power and influence cannot simply be allowed to play the biased gatekeeper of political discourse.”

Members of Congress demanded Big Tech leaders testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee about their companies’ roles in political censorship, fighting “fake news,” and addressing foreign influencers.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg appeared for the hearing last week, but Google CEO Sundar Pichai and co-founder Larry Page both snubbed the high-profile event.

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