Trump Campaign Files Lawsuit In New Mexico

The Trump campaign has filed a new lawsuit in Nevada.

No one is giving up yet.


On the very day that New Mexico electors met in Santa Fe to formally cast New Mexico’s electoral votes for president, President Donald Trump’s campaign filed a lawsuit over New Mexico’s use of drop boxes in the 2020 elections.

The federal lawsuit claims that New Mexico Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver violated the state election code by permitting voters to deposit completed absentee ballots in drop boxes at voting locations rather than handing them to the location’s presiding judge in person. 

Drop boxes were installed around the state this fall with federal funding from the CARES Act in an effort to reduce numbers of voters congregating at voting locations in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The Republican Party of New Mexico sued over the state’s use of drop boxes in October, demanding video monitoring for all drop boxes and accusing two county clerks of lax security measures. The party withdrew its complaint after Toulouse Oliver’s office reiterated previously issued guidance to county clerks on their use. 

New Mexico has not been talked about much in the news due to the fact is has not been viewed as a swing state.

Biden carried New Mexico by over 100K votes and it is unclear how many of those are fraudulent. The Trump campaign is not giving a number of ballots they are targeting but rather is pointing out how uncertain the results in New Mexico are.

Across the country, we have seen a ton of voting irregularities that to this point have not been debunked.

There is likely more to come.

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