Trump Campaign Attorney: This “Election Was Stolen From President Trump”

Trump campaign senior legal advisor and attorney for President Trump Jenna Ellis outlined once again in an interview with Just The News that the “election was stolen from President Trump”.

She also outlined what the path forward is.

Just The News:

Trump campaign senior legal advisor and attorney for President Trump Jenna Ellis said that the presidential election “was stolen from President Trump” and that this must be remedied and prevented from ever occurring again in the U.S.

During an interview on the John Solomon Reports podcast Ellis said she believes “the more that we continue to get to the bottom of this,” the nation is seeing the amount of “corruption and complete lawlessness” that tainted the election and people are calling for “answers” and “accountability.”

During the interview Ellis said that whatever the ultimate outcome of the 2020 election, “we have to make sure that in every single one of the 50 states¬†the state legislatures¬†are looking very seriously at election integrity…and they will put reasonable constitutionally appropriate safeguards to make sure that the will of the American people is not disenfranchised.”

President Trump has not conceded to Biden in the presidential election contest. He and others have alleged that the election was contaminated by fraud.

Ellis noted that she hopes “the state legislatures will seriously do their constitutionally delegated job, which is to make sure that their voters are not disenfranchised, and they will send the correct delegates to the Electoral College.”

If the fraud is going to be overturned things are likely going to move quickly. Republicans in all of these states need to push for all of this fraud to be exposed.

Once one state is overturned we will see other states go as well. It is all about the momentum. Right now the Media and the Democrats can pretend that fraud didn’t take place because the Trump campaign is yet to flip a state based on it. Once that happens they will be forced to cover it.

Tick Tock.

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