Trump Calls Out Republican Senators Not Standing Up To Big Tech

President Trump blasted the GOP for going weak as it pertains to fighting against Big Tech.

An article from The Daily Mail outlined how the Senate GOP is working against President Trump:

The Daily Mail:

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker Nancy Pelosi are preparing to move a crucial defense bill to a vote in their respective chambers without President Donald Trump’s demand for a provision to repeal legal protections enjoyed by tech companies.

It will also contain a bipartisan provision – disliked by the president – that will allow military bases named for Confederate heroes to be renamed.  

The move would essentially dare Trump to veto the billion dollar legislation that includes funding for the troops and a pay raise for service members. 

Two Senators went on the record to attack Trump over this:

‘I don’t think the defense bill is the place to litigate that,’ top Republican Senator John Thune, a member of the leadership in the Senate, told CNN. He agreed with Trump that section 230 needed reform, however.

Republican Senator Jim Inhofe said the same.

‘We ought to do away with 230. But you can’t do it in this bill. That’s not a part of the bill,’ he said. 

One House Republican already has said he would override the Presidential veto:

It would take a two-thirds vote in both chambers of Congress to over ride a Trump veto.

One Republican congressman already said he would vote to over ride a presidential veto, which, if happens, would be the first time Trump had a veto overridden by Congress.

‘I will vote to override. Because it’s really not about you,’ tweeted Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, who frequently disagrees with the president. 

Trump is right. Big Tech has proven to be a threat to our country. They silence all voices they disagree with and hide behind Section 230 to do it.

Key Points:

-The Senate GOP is not standing up to Big Tech

-They are working with Democrats to undermine President Trump’s plan to get rid of Section 230

President Trump took to Twitter to announce that he was going to veto the National Defense Authorization Act unless Section 230 is repealed.

This is huge news. Section 230 is the only thing allowing for Big Tech to continue their stranglehold on Free Speech. Without it, they will be forced to stop censoring Conservatives.

We just have to hope that Conservatives stand behind President Trump in this fight. Trump can’t do this on his own.

We know Democrats will never fight against Big Tech. They know that it was essential to them “winning”(if the fraud works) the 2020 election. They were able to cover up for Biden and stop the truth from getting out.

This should have been done years ago it is that simple.

Key Points:

-Trump announced he will veto the National Defense Authorization Act unless Section 230 is repealed

-It is unclear how much support Trump has on this. If he doesn’t have enough then this might be a threat that means nothing

-It will expose which Republicans are willing to stand up to Big Tech

-Many have said that the repeal of Section 230 would end Big Tech’s ability to censor Conservative voices

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