L.A Mayor: “Time To Cancel Everything”

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti continued to push COVID hysteria.

Garcetti said it was time to cancel everything this Christmas season due to the Chinese Coronavirus.

This comes after L.A. instituted more strict lockdown rules:

Zero Hedge:

The order, which supersedes another order from June, is without a doubt the most restrictive in effect in the US right now: it prohibits public and private gatherings of people from more than one household, and requires all businesses in the city that require people to work on location must stop operations. Walking, driving, travel on public transport, bikes, motorcycles and scooters are prohibited, except – of course – for all ‘essential’ activities.

There are several exemptions: faith-based outdoor services and programs for the homeless will continue. Supermarkets, grocery stores and health-care operations can also continue to operate. But gyms, retailers and pretty much every other in-person activity will now be legally prohibited in the City of Angels. The city’s safety protocols on social distancing follow those developed by Los Angeles County, Garcetti said. On the exercise front, activities such as golf, tennis and pickleball will still be permitted, according to the order.

Anyone over the age of 16 traveling into the city must complete an online form upon arrival acknowledging they’ve read, and understand, a California travel advisory.

Failure to fill out and submit the form is punishable by a fine of up to $500.

Just another mayor playing tyrant.

Here is what Americans need to know.

COVID is real. Sadly, COVID has killed those most vulnerable in our society. That doesn’t mean you should shut your life down over it. You can decide for yourself whether or not you want to have a big Christmas. You can decide whether or not it is a risk that you think is worth taking.

Regardless of what you decide. It does not make you evil. If you want to see your loved ones and they want to see you then do it. Don’t let tyrants like Garcetti make you feel like you can’t.

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