Trump calls NYT Russia Cyber Attack report “virtual act of Treason”

Donald Trump called a New York Times report claiming the US is ramping up cyber attacks against Russia is a virtual act of treason.

The New York Times responded to the tweet:

It is unclear what about this report is false but I’m sure it will come out in the coming days. This report doesn’t seem to be negative against the President, in fact, it seems like too many it could be viewed as a positive. However, I do have a theory as to why this might have set the President off. We all know that members of Trump’s Administration actively work against him. They either do things that the President didn’t tell them to do or lie to the press as a way to push his administration in a certain direction. Could it be that this is a move by the War Hawks in the Trump Administration looking to push the administration towards war with Russia?

The Mainstream Press won’t tell you this side of the Trump tweet. President Trump would not bash the Media over this report if there wasn’t something worth bashing.

We will continue to follow the fall out of this story, unlike the Mainstream Media who will likely focus on Trump saying some mean words to them.

Click to read the full New York Times story.

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