Trump Admin withdraws Obama-era school policy that let Parkland shooter buy gun

The Trump Administration overturned an Obama-era policy that allowed the Parkland shooter purchase his AR-15.

Chicago times:

The Trump administration has revoked an Obama-era policy intended to make sure minority students aren’t unfairly punished because of their race.

Education Department officials say the policy was withdrawn Friday at the recommendation of President Donald Trump’s school safety commission.

The 2014 guidance encouraged schools to use “restorative” disciplinary practices instead of suspending or expelling students or reporting them to police.

President Barack Obama’s administration created the policy after finding that black students were far more likely to face discipline than their white peers.

But critics said the guidance left schools afraid to punish potentially violent students, including the suspected shooter in the February school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said discipline is a matter “on which classroom teachers and local school leaders deserve and need autonomy.”

Of course, the mainstream media covers it claiming this law gave minority students protection from ‘racism’. This isn’t true at all. All this law does is allow rule breakers to not be held accountable.

We have been covering this since the Parkland Shooting:

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Trump Administration looking into Obama-era program that let Parkland Shooter pass background check



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