TOLERANCE: Violent Leftist Terror group plan mass protests to drive “Trump Pence regime out of power”

    The Tolerant Left is set to show itself again in just hours. Domestic Terror Group Antifa has rallies planned in over 20 States. Their goal? “To Drive the Trump Pence regime out of power”.

    Here’s what Newsweek reported:

    “Refuse fascism,” a nascent protest group with ties to a more explicitly left-wing radical group, “the revolutionary communist party,” doesn’t seem like a typical fit for the left-leaning pages of the paper known as The Gray Lady, but very little has been normal about the Trump era so far, according to organizers.

    The regime is destroying the planet by ignoring climate change, they say, and they claim it is turning America into a fascist country through an unprecedented series of executive orders.

    And they took out a Full Page AD in the New York Times:

    Nov 4 it begins — be there — join with the thousands who will gather in cities and towns across the country. A movement of protests that continue every day and night, growing until we become millions … determined not to stop until this is driven from power.

    To these Terrorists, it does not matter that Trump and Pence were elected Democratically. To these Terrorists, it does not matter that their Fascist tactics are the only thing threatening to undermine our Democracy. This is truly scary, the left lost big at the ballot box they are now trying to use violence to stop it from happening again.


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