Time To Untangle The War Propaganda?

To begin this article it is important to state that this is not intended to say Russia will not be invading Ukraine. Russia very well may invade Ukraine over the coming days.

The point of this article is to pump the breaks on what is being pushed regarding war in Ukraine. Anytime the media trumpets a narrative without dissenting it is important to see if something is being missed.

Luckily, Mike Shedlock wrote an important piece breaking down the media narratives and the information we are being given – here is the conclusion of his article.

From Zero Hedge:

The WSJ says a hybrid war already started. More accurately, the propaganda war is in full swing.

Escalating rhetoric does not seem to be helping.

But there are reasons for escalating propaganda, even if those reasons are no more than a self-serving “I told you so.”

Meanwhile, don’t delude yourself into thinking you know what will happen, because you don’t.

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This seems right. Until real hard evidence is provided trusting anyone is a bad idea.

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