TIME TO TAKE BACK THE HOUSE: NRCC Posts Massive Q1 Fundraising Haul

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Some more good news. 

The National Republican Congressional Committee announced that they had a record-breaking fundraising haul in March.

From NRCC: 

Powered by a record-breaking March, the NRCC announced today it raised $33.7 million in Q1.

Key Facts: 

  • The NRCC raised $19.1 in March, which is $3.6 million more than the previous off year record. 
  • The NRCC’s record-haul was aided by $5.3 million from Leader Kevin McCarthy and $3.5 million from Whip Steve Scalise.
  • The NRCC ends the quarter with $29.7M cash on hand which is a 57% increase over the same point last cycle.
  • The NRCC has no debt while its counterpart, the DCCC, entered March with $11 million in debt.

This will be key to taking back the House from the Democrats.

The next order of business is making sure this money goes to supporting great candidates.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Greene (R-GA) announced she had a huge fundraising haul:

HUGE: Marjorie Taylor Greene Has Huge Fundraising Haul

Trump also has a massive war chest:

GREAT: Trump Has Massive Fundraising War Chest…$85 Million To Take On The Establishment

Time to take back the House.

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