“This Our Problem”-Senator Rand Paul Urges GOP Voters To Oust RINOs Who Voted Against Repealing Obamacare

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Rand Paul continues to shine. 

While speaking at the Save America Summit, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) urged voters to oust RINOs in the GOP who voted against Obamacare.

From Newsweek:

Republican Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky on Saturday urged voters to oust GOP Senators Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins for voting with Democrats to keep Obamacare.

During his address at the “Save America Summit” at Trump National Doral in Miami, Florida, Paul called for the ousting of Senate Republicans who crossed party lines to vote with Democrats against repealing the Affordable Care Act.

“This is our problem: seven Republicans voted to keep Obamacare. You remember John McCain doing it. We won’t name all others, but that’s the thing, this is our problem,” he told the crowd.

The other two GOP senators who voted against Obamacare were Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski. Both voted to impeach Trump as well.

This is more great news for Trump.

Trump has vowed to primary Lisa Murkowski after her impeachment vote.

Mitch McConnell however has thrown his support behind the RINO Murkowski.

With Rand Paul coming out against her this further shows that Mitch McConnell is not even in charge of his own party in the Senate.

Rand Paul is 110% correct.

The RINOs are the problem in the GOP. They should all be voted out.

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