This One Chart Tells You All You Need To Know About Trump’s Economy Vs Biden’s Economy

The media is doing all it can to spin Biden’s disastrous economy.

One of their tricks is to act like this isn’t Biden’s fault.

They want the American people to believe that no matter who was in office we would see an issue.

That simply isn’t true.

This chart proves it:

Here is a good explanation of the chart:

When wages (blue line) are above inflation (red line) our income is growing, life is good and the working class has more disposable income to enjoy life.  However, when wages (blue line) are lower than inflation (red line) our income is shrinking, life is a struggle and the working class has less disposable income to enjoy life.

Read this full article from The Conservative Treehouse:

MAGAnomics vs JoeBamanomics, a Simple to Understand Graphic

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