THEY ARE LOSING: CNN’s Ratings Continue Their Downward Spiral–No Program Reached 1 Million Views In October

CNN’s downward spiral continues. 

Through the month of October, not a single one of their news shows reached 1 million viewers.

From Fox News:

The network once known as the “most trusted name in news” is quickly becoming the most deserted.

CNN‘s struggle to maintain relevance following the departure of President Donald Trump has never been more glaring. The news channel is suffering from an unprecedented drought in viewership, going the first two weeks of October without any program averaging 1 million viewers, an astonishing 21-day streak that began in September.

From Twitter:

“CNN went the first two weeks of October without any program reaching 1 million viewers, marking a whopping **21-day streak** of six-digit viewership.

The last time any CNN program averaged 1 million viewers was Sept. 24.

CNN has averaged only 484,000 in total day viewership and just 729,000 in weekday primetime from 10/1-10/15 (For comparison, Fox News averaged 1.4 mil total day and 2.6 mil in primetime during that same period).

Anderson Cooper, who had CNN’s most-watched program last month, was capped at the knees so far in October falling 17% to a 759,000 average (“Tucker Carlson Tonight” averages 3 mil in the same time slot).

Chris Cuomo took back his “CNN’s most-watched” status with an 818,000 average while Don Lemon continues plummeting, reaching just 619,000 in October so far (“Hannity” and “The Ingraham Angle” averaged 2.76 mil and 2.2 mil in their respective time slots).

Both Jake Tapper and Brian Stelter dipped below the 700,000 threshold in October with “The Lead” anchor averaging just 671,000 on the weekdays and the “Reliable Sources” host averaging 665,000 between the first two installments his Sunday media program.

“New Day” continues to hit new lows with a devastating 386,000 viewer average so far in October, shedding 10% of its audience from last month. The John Berman-Brianna Keilar duo remains as some of CNN’s least-watched talent in all of weekday programming.

Even the breaking news coverage of William Shatner’s adventure into space couldn’t give CNN the boost it needed, peaking at just 986,000 viewers last week when the Blue Origin crew launched and returned to Earth.”

This comes as the trust in the Mainstream Media continues to die:

Trust In Media Lowest Since 2016

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