House Rep Pushes For Audit In Utah

Utah House Rep Steve Christiansen (R) joined the War Room to discuss election integrity in the state of Utah.

Christiansen submitted a forensic audit request to audit the state.

He also visited the audit in Arizona as well as Mike Lindell’s symposium.

He said that both an audit and election reform are needed in the state of Utah.


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A hearing on election integrity in Utah is set to take place on Wednesday.

Before that, there will be a pre-meeting rally in support of the audit.

From The Salt Lake Tribune:

There’s an innocuous-looking item on Wednesday’s Judiciary Interim Committee agenda titled “Election Integrity,” which says the panel will “hear presentations on perspectives regarding election integrity.” In reality, the event has turned into a rallying point for right-wing groups who are pushing for a “forensic audit” of the 2020 election in Utah.

There’s a coordinated effort on social media to turn the meeting into a show of force, which activists hope will be a springboard to pressure lawmakers into launching an Arizona-style audit of the election results. It’s important to note that former President Donald Trump won Utah by nearly 21 points over Joe Biden.

One message in a Telegram group focused on auditing Utah’s election results says the Wednesday meeting is “the lynchpin (sic) for an audit.” There’s also a premeeting rally scheduled for Wednesday at 11.

Christiansen has been pushing for an audit of Utah’s elections since right after the 2020 election when he asked the Legislative Audit Committee to review the vote in Salt Lake County. That committee, made up of legislative leadership, has not yet acted on his request.

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