The Palmieri Report is launching two new initiatives

    I’m extremely excited to announce the two new initiatives The Palmieri Report will be launching.

    The First initiative is the launching of The Daily Rant everyday on Youtube. I will also embed the video to the website and it can be found in The Daily Rant tag on the homepage. The Daily Rant will be a 5-10 minute video of me ranting about a political topic. It will allow me to truly expand the website to a new media platform and grow our audience in a huge way.

    The next initiative is looking back at Hillary Clintons/John Podestas email dump. With such a massive email dump it is almost impossible to fully comprehend everything that was in the emails. Since the contents of these emails must get out I will be going scandalous email by scandalous email and putting up one a day on my website. These can be found under the Wiki Leaks tab.

    The goal of these initiatives is to destroy the stranglehold that the Mainstream media has on the political narrative of this country. We are no longer subject to being lied to by members of the media that are supposed to be trust worthy. So share the articles and together we can turn America around.


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