The New York Times Once Again Proves They Are A Left-Wing Propaganda Outlet

Censorship is all the left has left. 

They lost the argument on the Russia hoax.

They lost the argument on election fraud.

They lost the argument on January 6th.

They are now losing the argument on COVID.

Due to this, they need to shut down dissent.

The media is one of their most powerful weapons. They create phony narratives to hide realities they don’t like. They attack the messenger rather than the message–they create strawmen arguments to not have to argue the true facts.

The New York Times is once again proving how they are nothing more than an instrument of the left.

They just released an article targeting Conservative podcasts.

The article is written as a way to target “misinformation” but we know the real reason for it being written.

The point is to falsely claim these podcasts are full of misinformation and pressure Tech companies they are associated with to de-platform them.

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