The new Federal budget hands the Republicans a loss in every place they needed a win

Late last night the Government avoided a government shutdown by coming to an agreement on the Federal budget. This budget has been a universal disappointment to conservatives. Freedom Caucus’s Rep. Jim Jordan back up this claim.

In an interview on CNN’S New Day Jim Jordan explains this:

“Why did we last fall do a short-term spending bill if we weren’t going to actually fight for the things we told the voters we were going to fight for?” he said. “So we’d have been, I mean if this is the deal we’re going to get it seems to me we should have just did the bill for the whole year. But we specifically held the vote for; we did a short-term spending bill for this time so that when Republicans controlled the government, we could actually do the things we campaigned on. This bill doesn’t seem to do that. Plus it maintains Chris this idea that for every new dollar you spend in defense money you’ve got to give the Democrats more money in non-defense. That’s again not what we campaigned on. So I’m disappointed. We’ll see how it plays out this week. But I think you’re going to see conservatives have some real concerns with this legislation.”

Jim Jordan words are a perfect description of what is disappointing with this budget. The Republicans didn’t fight for issues that mattered. The issues that were campaigned on. They instead were bullied into striking a deal on a budget that looks like something would’ve been passed under Obama.

Let’s look at some of the good parts of the budget:

Airport Security:  TSA will hire more officers for faster screening at airports.

Border Security: Although they won’t get The Wall they will receive funding at the border. This will allow them to repair fences along the border and add sensors and drones to their arsenal.

Federal Worker Pay and Perks: The bill bars federal funding for abortions as part of the federal Employee Health Benefits Program.

Government Accountability: $13.5 Million is added to the Government Accountability Office to investigate and oversee all three branches of government. Helps with draining the Swamp.

Military Spending: Got 15 of the 30 Million that was asked for to bolster our Military.

Veterans: Troops will receive a 2.1 percent pay raise to Troops. As well as funding to the Defense Health Program.

Let’s look at some of the bad parts of the budget:

The Wall received no funding(article on why we need the Wall)

EPA- Even though the EPA’s actions under the Obama administration are highly questionable the EPA will still retain 99% of its budget.

Immigration policy funding: Trump lost the battle to get 10,000 more agents in his deportation force as well as beds to house offenders. He only was able to grab 100 new agents and temporary places for these people to stay.

Planned Parenthood: Planned Parenthood will continue to be federally funded. About 40% of Planned Parenthood’s overall budget is federally funded. (Video of Planned Parenthood executive joking about the selling of body parts)

As you can see by the partial budget I laid out above The Democrats won big in every major place they needed the Republicans to lose. Every major campaign promise will be hindered by this budget.

The Wall’s funding will be pushed back, Planned Parenthood and Sanctuary cities will continue to be funded and our border agents will remain overworked. The Republicans control the majority in the house, senate and have the sitting President their inability to properly put together this budget shows the weak leadership of Paul Ryan. Next time budget season comes around Republicans better be prepared to fight for the promises that got them elected or they may find themselves out of a job.

My video on it:


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