Texas Rep: DOJ, FBI Putting Up Roadblocks To Verify Voter Fraud

According to Tex Rep Michael Cloud, the DOJ and FBI are putting up roadblocks to investigating voter fraud in the 2020 election.

Of course, they are.

Just The News:

Texas GOP Rep. Michael Cloud on Friday accused the Justice Department of putting up “roadblocks” in President Trump and others’ efforts to uncover election fraud.

“There’s plenty of evidence there to see, certainly enough evidence to warrant an investigation,” Cloud said on Just the News’ “Water Cooler” show.

To a question from show host David Brody about why neither the Justice Department nor FBI appears to be looking into such matters, Cloud replied: “Some of these accusations are pretty easy to track down if we had the fortitude to do it. … But instead of an interest in this, what we’ve seen is roadblocks when it comes to looking at those items.”  

The exchange follows Attorney General William Barr saying Tuesday that the Justice Department has yet to uncover evidence of voter fraud on a scale sufficient to affect state outcomes in the Nov. 3 presidential election. 

Cloud was cautious about speculating on what federal officials might do but said, “Ultimately, the DOJ could be putting forth search warrants. They could be impounding evidence. There’s a lot that they could be doing right now. And it’s almost like they’re waiting for the evidence to come to them.”

This should come as a shock to no one. Anyone paying attention to the last 4 years realizes that the DOJ and FBI are becoming more and more corrupt and more and more useless. Everything they do is just about covering up for their own crimes. They never do anything to actually get to the truth.

We had a two-year investigation into Russia-Trump collusion. They claimed the reason was because of how important our elections are. They weren’t wrong. Our elections are the foundation of this country. However, they are showing their true colors. They will only investigate fraud when someone they don’t like gets in. The deep state didn’t like Trump so they started a witchhunt.

They now are doing nothing to even look into fraud. I wonder why.

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