Texas Redistricting May Deal Huge Blow To Anti-Trump Dem Reps

Dem Rep Al Green (D-TX) and Dem Rep Sheila Jackson (D-TX) were two of the biggest anti-trumpers in Congress.

Rep. Green tried to impeach Trump in December of 2017.

Rep Jackson also introduced articles of impeachment against Trump.

Now, they may be forced to run against each other.

With redistricting, beginning maps are being redrawn all across the country.

One proposal out of Texas put their districts together.

This would force them to run against each other if both decided to run.

From The Washington Examiner:

A redrawn proposal for Texas’s congressional map could pit two sitting Democrats, Reps. Sheila Jackson Lee and Al Green, against each other in next year’s midterm elections.

Texas will add two congressional seats after a decade of population growth in the state found by the 2020 census, bringing its delegation to 38 members. A proposal for the new map released last month was not as aggressive as some observers of Texas politics expected and would have added both a Republican and Democratic seat while largely protecting incumbent lawmakers.

However, over the weekend, the Texas House and Senate debated a series of changes to the map, including one that would place Jackson Lee in Green’s district, potentially setting up the two long-standing incumbents for a primary. Lawmakers eventually advanced an amendment that would place Jackson Lee back into her original district and would leave portions of Green’s current district intact.

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