TERRIBLE: WaPo Refused To Publish Trump’s Full Response To Its Investigation

The media continues to only give one side of the story.

They want to talk about January 6th but only want to tell it in a way that protects the Deep State.

They want to blame Trump and his supporters only.

No talk of Nancy Pelosi worrying more about lunch than protecting the US Capitol.

No talk of federal agents among the protesters.

No talk of protesters being let in by police.

The Washington Post has sunk to an even bigger low.

They refused to print the entirety of Trump’s statement that was sent to them regarding their investigation into Jan 6th.

I wonder what they are scared of!

From The Daily Mail:

The Washington Post has refused to publish former President Donald Trump’s full response to its three-part investigation finding that warning signs were ignored ahead of the January 6 insurrection.

In its decision not to publish the former president’s entire response, The Post noted that Trump spokesman Taylor Budowich ‘provided a lengthy written response’ to its investigation ‘that included [a] series of unrelated inflammatory claims that The Post is not publishing in full.’

The decision comes just a few days after the Wall Street Journal faced backlash for publishing an op-ed by the former president without fact-checking it.

The Post wrote that Budowich said Trump ‘greatly objected’ to all of the 37 findings reported as part of its investigation, and dismissed the stories as ‘fake news,’ which ‘falsely cast people who entered the Capitol on January 6 as “agitators not associated with President Trump”.’

‘The media’s obsession with the January 6th protest is a blatant attempt to overshadow a simple fact: there is no greater threat to America than leftist journalists and the Fake News, which has avoided a careful examination of the fraudulent 2020 election.

‘The media, just like the Democrats, do not want to see secure and honest elections,’ read the one part of the statement the Post published on Sunday.

‘Instead of reporting the facts, outlets like the Washington Post sow division, hate and lies, like it is doing with this story.

‘The media has failed to do its job, including truly exposing Silicon Valley for its role in illegally rigging the election with hundreds of millions of dollars in dark money – which is probably a gross underestimate.

‘America is furious at the results of November 3rd and deserve answers,’ the statement continues. ‘They deserve to protest and demand the truth from their representatives. However, since the media isn’t asking the questions, it’s being left up to the people to seek the truth.’

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