FAKE NEWS WIRE: The Hill puts out anti-Trump internment camp hit piece

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The Hill got caught in another Fake News Scandal this time by falsely claiming that Donald Trump is throwing migrants in a Japanese Internment Camps. Here’s an example of how to lie by omission. The tweet says “former Japanese internment camp.” https://t.co/Xmn8vKccrt — James Taranto (@jamestaranto) June 12, 2019 Click through and the headline informs […]


The Hill’s Joe Concha just destroyed Jim Acosta over Hannity tweet

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The Hill’s media reporter Joe Concha just destroyed Jim Acosta over his tweet attacking Sean Hannity. Here’s the irony: Acosta is no different from Hannity in that both are advocates and opinionators. In Hannity’s case, he’s an open supporter of Trump. In Acosta’s, he’s a leading face of the Trump resistance. Difference: Acosta continues to […]