MSM smears Rep. Steve King again over Jesus comments

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The Mainstream Media has once again smeared Rep. Steve King, this time over his comments regarding being able to relate to Jesus’s persecution. Here is the MSM’s coverage: Rep. Steve King says he can relate to the suffering of Jesus Christ, seemingly equating his recent controversies to what Christ “went through for us.” […]


House Republicans remove Rep. Steve King from committee assignments over remarks to NYT

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House Republicans have removed Rep. Steve King from all Committee assignments after an article from The New York Times claimed that Steve King made racist remarks. Update: House Republican leaders have removed Steve King from the Judiciary and Agriculture Committees over King’s white supremacy remark, NYT reports. — Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) January 15, 2019 […]

Rep. Steve King: “I have long said it is worse than Watergate. It was”

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Rep. Steve King took to Twitter claiming he saw the memo pertaining to the Obama Administration’s surveillance and use of the FISA court and it is worst than Watergate. I have read the memo. The sickening reality has set in. I no longer hold out hope there is an innocent explanation for the information the […]