Report: Intel Officials back revoking of Brennan, Clapper clearances

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A new investigation from Real Clear Politics found that secretly Intelligence Officials support Trump revoking security clearances from certain Obama Era intelligence officials. RCI: President Trump has been criticized for politicizing the intelligence community by threatening to strip the security clearances of former top officials including John Brennan and James Clapper. But numerous past and […]


FLASHBACK: James Clapper denies FISA Warrant in interview with Chuck Todd

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In an interview with NBC New’s Chuck Todd Former DNI James Clapper denied that there was ever a FISA warrant order for anyone in Trump’s campaign. FLASHBACK: Former DNI James Clapper lies through his teeth, claims there was no FISA warrant against any official of the Trump campaign — Wired Sources (@WiredSources) July 24, […]

James Clapper admits Obama gave up to much in Iran Deal

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In a new book, James Clapper admitted that the Obama Administration gave up to much in the Iran Deal. Breitbart: When the final Iran nuclear deal—the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action—was signed on July 14, I knew that Prime Minister (Benjamin) Netanyahu was probably furious, and truthfully, I, too, felt we had given away too much […]