Gregg Jarrett: Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein threatened to retaliate against Devin Nunes

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Gregg Jarret Took to Twitter to drop bombshell news about Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. In a meeting with Chairman Devin Nunes, FBI Director Christopher Wray and others, the source says that Rosenstein threatened to subpoena the texts and emails of Congress because he was”tired of dealing with the Intelligence Committee.” If true, Rosenstein must resign […]


Gregg Jarrett on Uranium One: “I suspect two things stupidity and corruption”

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In an interview with Fox News Host Trish Regan Legal Expert Gregg Jarrett destroyed Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration over Uranium One. .@GreggJarrett: The #UraniumOne deal was signed off on due to: pure stupidity OR corruption on the part of HRC and her Foundation! — Trish Regan (@trish_regan) November 15, 2017 In an […]