SHOCK! Parkland Shooter still registered to vote in Broward County

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According to Andrew Pollack, father of Parkland Victim Heather Pollack the Parkland Shooter Nicolas Cruz was still registered to vote for the 2018 midterms.   I’m sick to my stomach. 18-1958 murdered 17 students & staff, including my daughter Meadow. Yet in July, Broward Sheriff @ScottJIsrael let people into the jail to get him & […]


VOTER FRAUD: Broward County election officials handing Republicans Democrat ballots

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According to John Cardillo from Newsman Broward County election officials were caught handing Registered Republicans Democrat ballots. More voter fraud in Broward. Just went to vote, I’ve been a registered R my entire life. “Rep” was clearly marked on my receipt, they gave me a Dem ballot and were guilty as hell when called out. […]