National Guard helped with 1600 apprehensions at border, confiscated 1k pounds of Marijuana

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According to new numbers, the National Guard has helped with 1600 apprehensions at the U.S Mexico border and confiscated 1000 pounds of Marijuana. ktla: National Guard troops stationed along the US-Mexico border have contributed to 1,600 apprehensions of people crossing the border illegally and the capture of about 1,000 pounds of marijuana in their three-and-a-half weeks […]


WATCH: UFO watchers think they saw three “alien portals”

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From The Sun: UFO watchers have been left baffled by three massive “alien portals” which mysteriously appear below the International Space Station in bizarre footage. The video appears to show a trio of circular shapes flying across the earth’s atmosphere and just below the space station. Conspiracy theorists Blake and Brett Cousins uploaded the strange […]