FMR ACLU exec calls reparations movement “buffoonery”, “sheer racial rhetoric”

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On Laura Ingraham’s Fox News show former ACLU Executive Committee member Michael Meyers destroyed the Democrats for pushing for reparations. WATCH: Meyers is one hundred percent correct. Reparations make no sense at all. Even at the peak of slavery in the US only around 6% of Americans owned slaves. Due to that, it is unbelievable […]


EVIL! ACLU, Sheriff Israel helped register Parkland Shooter to vote

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Conservative Journalist Laura Loomer took to Twitter to claim that ACLU lawyers and Sheriff Israel helped register the Parkland shooter to vote. Hearing reports that @browardsheriff Scott Israel allowed for the Parkland shooter to register to vote in jail. The shooter is currently being held at Broward County Jail. He may have actually voted too. […]