Sweden truck attack being treated as Terrorist attack by authorities

    Early Friday a man hijacked a truck and drove it into the upscale Ahlens department store killing at least two people.

    Here is the associated press’s report on it:

    “Live television footage on Friday showed smoke coming out of the upscale Ahlens department store on Drottninggatan Street, which the truck smashed into. The department store is part of Sweden-wide chain. The building includes several stores at street-level. “We stood inside a shoe store and heard something … and then people started to scream,” witness Jan Granroth told the Aftonbladet daily. “I looked out of the store and saw a big truck.”

    Now, this has not been confirmed to be a Terrorist attack yet but the evidence points to it being very likely it was. Sweden has become increasingly vulnerable to terrorist attacks due to their open border policy and the takeover of Islamic extremists in many areas of the country.

    The daily wire also did a great job of pointing out the fact that Terrorist have begun to use vehicles as one of their favorite devices to carry out these attacks.

    If this is yet another terror attack by vehicle, this would make the seventh vehicular terror attack since the beginning of 2016. Those attacks include the 2016 Nice attack by a jihadist (87 dead, 434 injured); the Ohio State University attack in the United States by a jihadist (13 injured); the 2016 Berlin Christmas market attack by a jihadist (12 dead, 56 injured); the 2017 Jerusalem ramming attack by a jihadist (4 dead, 17 injured); the 2017 Westminster attack by a jihadist (5 dead, 49 injured); the 2017 attempted Antwerp attack by a jihadist.

    We will continue to follow the story as we learn more.

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