Sweden: Deported Criminal Afghans Arrive Back On Evacuation Flight From Kabul

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They can’t be sent back now. Sweden appears to be stuck with them for the duration.

“Deported back to Sweden – with evacuation flights from Kabul,” translated from “Utvisningsdömda tillbaka i Sverige – med evakueringsflyg från Kabul,” TV4 Nyheterna, August 25, 2021 (thanks to Henry):

On Wednesday, two people were arrested who came on an evacuation flight from Afghanistan to Arlanda. The persons are resident in Afghanistan and have a re-entry ban to Sweden after having previously been convicted of a crime and served a sentence in Sweden.

The two have been arrested for violating the re-entry ban, according to Kristian Ljungberg at the Police Authority.

When asked how the two men convicted of the crime were able to come with an evacuation flight to Sweden, Carina Skagerlind, spokesperson for the police in the Stockholm region, told TV4 Nyheterna:

– I think that everyone who has seen the pictures from Kabul and the airport realizes that the situation is not entirely simple when it comes to conducting border control there.

It was in connection with an identity check on arrival in Sweden that it was discovered that the persons are subject to a re-entry ban.

TV4Nyheterna has sought out Foreign Minister Ann Linde, who does not want to comment on the arrest….

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