SUMMER HOT TAKE: Think Progress claims if Kavanaugh is confirmed, you can kiss the right to vote goodbye

An article that was published by George Soros’s Think Progress claims that if Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed you can kiss the right to vote goodbye.

Here is the opening excerpt from the article:

Chief Justice John Roberts has a plan to neuter the Voting Rights Act. All of it. He’s held onto this plan for nearly forty years, waiting for the day when he could deploy it.

That day is nearly upon us. If the Senate confirms Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanuagh to replace retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy, Roberts will almost certainly have the votes he needs to gut America’s voting rights law. It’s not hard to guess what will happen next.

Consider Alabama. The former home of George Wallace has a strict voter ID law requiring voters to show ID in order to cast a ballot. In 2015, the state attempted to close down DMV offices in predominantly black counties, effectively keeping many black voters from obtaining the ID they needed to vote — though the state largely backed down due to a federal probe.

When the Voting Rights Act dies, states will be free to emulate Alabama — and to go much further. Polling places could be closed in predominantly black neighborhoods. Sunday voting and other practices preferred by voters of color will be eliminated. Gerrymandering will thrive. State lawmakers seeking to rig elections will grow more and more aggressive, and the Supreme Court will look the other way.

This is obviously bogus. Think Progress admits how weak their case is when it calls showing an ID to cast a ballot in the election a strict election law. They also use race as there whole argument. They claim closing a polling place automatically means the person doing it is doing it for racist purposes.

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