Stelter’s Anti-Trump Book Flops–Less Than 2K Copies Sold In The First Week

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Another embarrassment for CNN.

CNN host Brian Stelter updated his anti-Trump book ‘Hoax’.

He had a massive book tour and launch party.

It flopped.

In its first week, it sold less than 2,000 books.

From The Daily Mail:

CNN‘s Brian Stelter’s revised book ‘Hoax’ has delivered ’embarrassing’ sales in its two weeks on the shelves, data obtained by shows.

Stelter originally released his book Hoax: Donald Trump, Fox News, and the Dangerous Distortion of Truth in August 2020, but on June 8 released an updated version with new chapters on the January 6 Capitol Riot, claims of voter fraud, and the rise of conservative media outlets Newsmax and OANN.

But despite Stelter’s aggressive book tour – which included stops at CNN’s Cuomo Prime Time and New Day, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, C-SPAN, the Joe Madison Podcast, a launch party and nonstop promotion on his Twitter – the numbers are worrisome.

According to Bookscan, ‘Hoax’ sold just 1,738 copies in its first week, which left it off of the Publisher’s Weekly bestseller list.

The book doesn’t even appear on Amazon’s bestseller list and is ranked 4,007- behind children’s books.

Tucker mocked him:

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