STELTER MELTDOWN: Is Trump an agent of Putin?

Brain Stelter continued his Conspiracy TV by once again reporting nothing more than pure propaganda.

Notice something about Stelter’s coverage of the Trump-Putin summit. He provides ZERO facts. The entire segment is a compilation of different talking heads from MSNBC and his very own CNN echoing a point he wants to be true. The problem is that just a simple look at facts would debunk all of this.

Report: DoD to Provide $200 M in Security Cooperation Funds to Ukraine

Report: Trump gave go-ahead on announcement of Russian indictments before Putin summit

NARRATIVE FAIL: Russia 5th biggest importer of steel to U.S will get hit with Trump tariff

Sorry Media Trump has been tougher on Russia than Obama

It also makes you wonder where they were for the 8 years of Obama.


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