SPINELESS! GOP senators bash Trump over Intel tweets

GOP Senators bashed Trump over his tweets attacking the Intelligence community and telling them to go back to school.


“I don’t know how many times you can say this, but I would prefer that the president stay off Twitter, particularly with regard to these important national security issues where you’ve got people who are experts and have the background and are professionals,” said Senate Republican Whip John Thune (S.D.). “In most cases I think he ought to, when it comes to their judgment, take it into consideration.”

Thune praised Coats, a former senator, as “an incredibly capable, principled guy” who “is very committed to doing the right thing for the country.” Thune predicted that most Republican senators will vote for the resolution urging Trump to exercise caution in assessing troop forces in Syria and Afghanistan.

“It reflects the widely held view in our conference – again – you want to trust our military leaders when it comes to some of these decisions,” he said.

He added that “a number of our members” talk to the president on a regular basis “and have articulated to him that they think that the policies that currently he wants to employ with regard to Syria, for example, are not the right ones.”

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah), who has emerged as a high-profile counterweight to the president on foreign policy issues, said, “I have full confidence in our intelligence community and its leadership. They are highly sophisticated and capable, and I take them at their word.”

“Precipitous withdrawal from Syria would put our allies at risk and be detrimental to our allies in the region,” he added.

Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.), a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said “this is an intel community that the president has largely put in place.”

“I have confidence in them, and I think he should, too,” he said.

Here are some more:

Trump and some of his supporters have long accused a so-called deep state of national security and intelligence officials of attempting to subvert his presidency. But one former White House official who worked on national security issues chalked up Trump’s reaction on Wednesday to his penchant to hit back at critics, no matter who they are.

“Trump is always going to respond to somebody who is going against him or who he thinks is trying to make him look bad,” the official said. “It doesn’t matter if you’re the intelligence community. It doesn’t matter if you’re the Agriculture secretary.”

Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas), another member of the Intelligence panel, praised Coats and Haspel as “great patriots” who “tell it like it is.”

“Sometimes facts are inconvenient,” Cornyn said.

“But they work for him,” he added, referring to Trump. “He ought to call them on the phone.”

Asked about Trump’s tweeted criticism, Cornyn said: “Just say no. No more Twitter.”

Here are the Trump Tweets:

No one is shocked that Republican lawmakers tripped over themselves trying to bash Donald Trump over these Tweets. Although they are Republicans they still don’t stand behind Trump once times get tough.

The Bottom Line is that Trump was right in his assessment of the Intelligence community. Trump has never once claimed that ISIS isn’t a threat he has simply claimed that they are no longer a major threat in Syria. Since Trump took office ISIS has lost over 90% if its territory in Syria and is no longer a real threat to the Assad regime. Iran and North Korea are still ongoing and the Intelligence communities assessment could change at any time to back up Donald Trump’s assessment of each situation.

Joel Pollak had the best Tweet regarding why it is okay for a President to question his intelligence chiefs:


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