Sperry: 9 things GOP should ask Mueller

In an OP-ED for the New York Post, Conservative Journalist Paul Sperry laid out nine questions that he wants the GOP to ask Mueller.


1) Why did you hold your May 29 news conference? Is it true that a judge 24 hours earlier had ordered your team to delink private Russian “trolling” entities you cited in your report from Russian intelligence?

2) Do you know for certain that Russian intel stole Democratic Party emails? To reach this conclusion, did you examine the DNC computers or rely solely on forensic reports drafted by a DNC contractor? Were you able to see full, or only redacted, versions of the DNC’s third-party report into the alleged thefts?

3) In your indictment of Russian spies, you alleged that WikiLeaks received the stolen DNC emails from them, but in your report, you state that you “cannot rule out that stolen documents were transferred through intermediaries,” including a German hacker. Do you now not know for certain how WikiLeaks acquired the emails? Is this why you didn’t indict WikiLeaks founder Julian Assangealong with the Russians?

4) You alleged in your report that WikiLeaks received the stolen emails from Russia on July 14, 2016, yet Assange publicly announced he had them a full month earlier, on June 12 — and before the dates you claim he first made contact with Russian cutouts. Did you seek to interview Assange to resolve these problems with your timeline?

5) President Barack Obama’s intelligence assessment on Russian interference incorporated information from a Clinton campaign dossier compiled by British spy-turned-oppo researcher, Christopher Steele — namely, that “Putin ordered” the hacking and trolling ops to “help” Trump’s chances. To what extent did you rely on the Obama assessment and/or the dossier to draw your conclusions about Russian meddling?

6) UK media claim you sent agents to London to interview Steele in September 2017. Was he among the 500 witnesses you ­interviewed? If so, why doesn’t your report cite the interview?

7) September 2017 is the same month the foreign-intelligence surveillance warrant expired on Carter Page, a Trump associate. That warrant relied heavily on Steele’s discredited dossier. Yet you chose not to seek its reauthorization nor to indict Page, but instead began indicting Russians. Were you not able to corroborate Steele’s sources or allegations?

8) Your office spent more than $732,000 on outside contractor services. Who did this work for you? Was Steele or Clinton contractor Fusion GPS among the ­researchers you hired?

9) FBI counterintelligence chief Peter Strzok helped lead the ­investigation of Trump and Russian interference until you were forced to remove him, after the Justice Department inspector general alerted you to anti-Trump, pro-Clinton messages found on his old FBI-issued Samsung phone. You issued him an iPhone. Why did your office wipe all the information from that iPhone, per a December report by the Justice watchdog?

I would love to see these questions asked. Most of the questions Sperry lays out are surrounding the fact Mueller’s investigation really tells us nothing. Mueller just repeated conclusions that the deep state wanted him to.

The Mueller Probe was set up to get Trump and failed. This must be exposed.

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